Captains Day 15th October 2016

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Captains Day 15th October 2016

Club Captains Norman Born and Marion Leeksma
Prize Table
Winners Bernie O'Toole and Ann Allcock
Runners up John Nickson and Elyane Stuart
3rd Place Billy Reddie (photo n/a) and Rae Theodorsen
Winners over 70's Mike Tibbs and Dorothy Willetts
Nearest the Pin Hole 7 - Sponsored by Golf Pro Lee Baker - Jaz Raja (photo n/a) and Edna Mandrella
Nearest the Pin Hole 11 Tony Price (photo n/a) and Ann Allcock
Nearest the Pin Hole 15 John Causer (photo n/a) and Christina Ekstrom



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Date Last Updated: 17/10/2016

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