Ord Shield 2016

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Ord Shield 2016

                  Club Captains Norman Born and Marion Leeksma with Brian and Heather Ord.
                     The winners with the Ord Shield - Rob Marshall, Sue Marshall, Arlene Atteck and Colin Haines.
                      Runners up - Marie Dew, Tony Price, Derrick LeMar and Billy Reddie.
                     Third Place - Marion Leeksma, Chris Jones, Dick Leeksma and Len Jones
    Winners non qualifying - Fred Kamsteeg, Marja Gommers (Alan Flanagan and Kevin Burke N/A)
                                 Nearest the Pin Hole 11 - Chris Jones and Jonna Basberg
                            Nearest the Pin Hole 15 - Derrick LeMar and Sonja Gehring


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Date Last Updated: 22/11/2016

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