The Memorial Cup 2017

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The Memorial Cup 2017

                                                             The Prize Table
                                        Club Captains Norman Born and Marion Leeksma
                                               The Winners with the Memorial Cup
                          Nearest the Pin Hole 11 - Men: Graham Meech  Ladies: Chris Jones
 Nearest the Pin Hole 15 - (Joint Men): Kari Eklund   Ladies: Noreen Bramley  Men: Chris Homer
                      Third Place: John Causer, Roger Theodorsen, Birgitta Bjork and Peter Hau
                     Second Place: Jan Goodman, Gerry Minchella, Kari Eklund and Eamon Murphy
                      Winners: David Canning, Chris Lawrence, Bente Jensen and Norman Tillbrook


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Date Last Updated: 26/03/2017

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