Club Championship 2017

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Club Championship 2017

                           Club Captains Norman Born and Marion Leeksma with the Prize Table
               Ladies Handicap Runner Up: Myron Tibbs with Mens Handicap Runner Up: Jaz Raja
            Mens Handicap Winner: Adrian De Marco with Ladies Handicap Winner: Bodil Friis
         Mens Seniors Runner Up: Esko Eronen with Ladies Senior Runners Up: Ray Theodorsen
                       Mens Seniors Winner: Len Jones with Ladies Seniors Winner: Christina Ekstrom
                                         Ladies Championship Runner Up: Maija Paivola
                                  This years Ladies Champion: Janet Goodman
                                              This years Mens Champion: Paul Smith
                         Club Champions Paul Smith and Janet Goodman with their Trophies


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Date Last Updated: 04/04/2017

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