Costalets Scramble 2017

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Costalets Scramble 2017

                                                                  The Prize Table
                                       Competition Sonsors Steve and Mary Parker of Costalets
              The Winners - Chris Robinson, Bernie Murphy, Eamon Murphy and Graham Robinson 
                 Runners Up - Noreen Bramley, Terry Bunn, Dave Bramley and Steve Parker
                  Third Place - Isidre Sabate, Roger Kelly, Christine Kelly and Chris Homer
                    Nearest the Pin - Hole 7 - Ladies: Elyane Stuart and Myron Tibbs
                                     Nearest the Pin Hole 7 - Men: John Causer
                Nearest the Pin Hole 15 - Ladies: Ethne Constable   Men: Graham Robinson
     Winner of the Champagne draw - Christine Ekstrom with Kath from Speed Financial Solutions


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Date Last Updated: 07/05/2017

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